September 2017 Soda Firing

For this firing I fired the soda kiln a bit differently. I packed the kiln looser and orientated the shelves in the other directions. The kiln fired much fasted and efficiently because of this. I sprayed about 3.5 lbs of soda ash into the kiln during 3 different spray periods at ^10. The kiln was in heavy reduction during this and after reduction, I fired the kiln for another hour in reduction, then cooled it in slight reduction.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any works.

Currently works are availible at the Art Reach St. Croix holiday sale in Stillwater, MN until the end of the month and at the UW-River Falls Scholarship sale until December 13th. I will be having a show at the Phipps in Hudson, WI, opening December 8th and running into the first week of January.

Instagram: @flacers


Anagama Firing 2017

These pots were fired in the McKeachie / Johnson Anagama kiln during a five day firing in November 2017. Many of these pots will be part of a show at the Phipps in Hudson, WI, opening December 8th. Other pots will be for sale at the UWRF Scholarship sale.

The three plates at the end are from a ceramics class project and show inlaid imagery or everyday ceramics room objects and are soda fired.


Instagram: @flacers

Odds and Ends

The pots in this post are from a collaboration with Bernice (Bernie) Ficek-Swenson, the UWRF printmaking professor, Randy Johnston’s Noborigama firing and a couple experimental soda fired pieces.

Collaboration with Bernie. I threw the plates and she decorated them with various terra sigillatas and wax resist. The designs are based off of various number patterns.




Pots from RJ’s noborigama:DSC03929DSC03930DSC03931DSC03932DSC03934DSC03935DSC03936DSC03937DSC03938


Experimental surface designs. These were inlaid with black underglaze. The designs are based off of cross hatching and expressive line qualities I have learned in drawing the past 2 semesters.DSC03939DSC03940DSC03941DSC03942